Dad’s workshop was filled with things that inspired my creativity. Even in college, woodwork, jewelry, and sculpture classes, sandwiched between physics and math, kept my head on straight.

Being a professional craftsman is a dream career. While renovating older houses with a friend, I found my passion come alive for cabinetry, woodwork, and helping homeowners like you.

“Been there, done that.” My wife and I have remodeled two homes we've owned. We love old-house charm, but we live 21st century lives. With a convenient kitchen, built-in cabinetry, and custom woodwork our home is up to the task and fun to live in.

Do you dream of a new kitchen, an efficient home office, or an entertainment center that fits your lifestyle? Whether your home is a Craftsman or Contemporary, I’d love to help make your dream a reality.


Your ideas matter! I know how it feels to hire someone with a different agenda than mine to work at my place.

It’s your home! Maybe you know exactly what you want or maybe you just know the current arrangement isn't right. We’ll sort it out together.

Let's talk soon!

Dale Kuhn – Craftsman-Contractor

Dale Kuhn – Craftsman-Contractor


Personal—We'll listen to your ideas; then offer specific solutions.

Responsive—Your calls are important; we call back.

Clear—Specs in print ensure we’re on the same page.

Consistent—Prices don’t change on a whim; they weren’t a guess.

Respectful—On-site work and clean up minimizes disruption.